Yuvraj Singh has been the star of India as he fought not only the battle of cricket but also his life. Despite the struggle he went through going through rigorous treatments for lung cancer, he did return to recover the international cricket within a year.

The dashing international cricketer Yuvraj Singh is also known for his vibrant form in addition to cricket. When he is not seen on the ground during non-match days, he is engrossed in his expansive garage, which is equipped with exotics like a Lamborghini Murcielago and BMW X6M. He was also seen using a new continental GT recently in Mumbai. The registration plate of this new car is of Dubai as he bought it from there and carried it to India.

Yuvraj has his own cricket academy as well which is known as the Yuvraj Singh Center of Excellence and there are many branches across the country. The vision behind this cricket academy is to help with grooming every cricket enthusiast from scratch to reach the highest standards. Yuvraj recently said that he wishes to offer the best infrastructure to every cricket aspirant from all cities and provide the best opportunities for their bright future.

The strategy of YSCE is to develop the sporting environment of the country through a multi-faceted concept which includes setting up best of cricket academies across all cities in the country. Also, to identify and support technology solutions to enhance sports, character building, and understand the laws. As per the cricketer, to be successful in sports is indeed a way of life as one has to strive for it all through the year. The academy believes in providing all players with required tools so as to help them develop their game and players can take the final step. Thus Yuvraj Singh is a renowned name when it comes to Cricket and he is a dynamic person that makes him class apart from other players in the industry.