Yuvraj Singh is being seen with a new number at the back of his jersey this IPL.

He has always used jersey no. 12 in his career, but, in the ongoing IPL, it’s 3.

Everybody is trying to find out what’s the reason for him to go for a change in number.

Yuvraj yesterday tried to give the impression that there is no specific reason behind the change in his jersey number. Actually, some other player in the squad wanted to have no. 12. So, he decided to go for 3. That’s what he said.

But, knowing Yuvraj, one can say that he is one of the most superstitious Indian players and he cares a lot about these things, the numbers and all. So, he would not just casually get ready to have some other jersey number. There must be somebody who has suggested him to do so.

However, this new number is not bringing that much of luck for Yuvraj

He is struggling with the bat in the ongoing IPL. Out of the 5 innings that he has played so far, he has just had one good score to his name. He has not been able to do anything substantial bowling wise either.

For Yuvraj, IPL 8 is very, very important if he has to revive his international career. If he doesn’t push for his selection this season, he may never feature in the international scene again.

And, it’s not only about the revival of the international career for Yuvraj; he has a big responsibility on his shoulders to guide Delhi Daredevils to the playoffs too.

The Daredevils were the significant buyers during the auctions this year, buying Yuvraj and some of the other players at a very high amount with the hope that they would bring fresh energy and the team would fly high. But, it has not proved to be the case till this point of time.