Yuvraj Singh might not be featuring in international matches on a regular basis these days, but, people still rate him as a player.

In the players’ auction for the next edition of the Indian Premier League, quite a few franchises bid for him and finally, it was Delhi Daredevils who secured his services at more than two and half million Dollars.

Yuvraj was not expected to grab such a lot of attention by the franchises this time around because of him not being a first pick in the Indian team anymore, but, it wasn’t to be.

The franchise owners as well as the coaches, who were out there, were quite keen on getting Yuvraj at their disposal.

Even Yuvraj’s previous franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore also went flat out for him and that was really hilarious.

If they wanted Yuvraj, then why did they get rid of him in the first place?

And, Yuvraj had actually won them some games in IPL 7. Not as many as they were hoping, but, certainly a couple and thus, he must have been there in their squad. He was a better performer than somebody like Chris Gayle. However, they released him.

The other franchises who were interested in Yuvraj during today’s auctions were Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders.

There is some cricketing logic behind franchises’ interest in Yuvraj. He is already past his best yes, but, if you take only Indian conditions into account, he is still as good a player as anyone else because apart from hitting the ball into the stands, he can almost be a 5th bowler for you.

His fielding also adds some value to the team.  So, he is a fine package for the shortest format of the game.

The IPL this year starts in April, just a few days after the World Cup final.