Yuvraj Singh impressed the fans at Eden Gardens when Sunrisers Hyderabad played Kolkata Knight Riders.

Singh showed why he is termed one of the cleanest hitters of the ball when both sides met on Saturday.

The Sunrisersall rounder faced 16 balls, scoring 26 runs. The Indian Premier League witnessed great cricket that night though the innings were short. The 35-year old hit two two fours and two over the boundary.He scored two sixes. The first was against UmeshYadav in the 13th over. He sent a straight drive and followed through brilliantly then four off the next ball. The second was against Chris Woakes in the first ball of the 15th over. The delivery was slower and wide off but he managed to hit it over the boundary. His effort sent the crowd jumping for joy but Kolkata Knight won the game by 17 runs. (more…)

Yuvraj Singh comes out as the most expensive player

Whenever the Indian Premier League auctions take place, Yuvraj Singh comes out as the most expensive player, but, very rarely has he done justice to his capability in this lucrative T20 tournament.

Yuvraj is currently in the Delhi Daredevils squad getting close to 3 million Dollars for his services, but, four matches are gone and he has not won them even one match single handedly.

Yes, in one match, he contributed with a half century, but, other than that, he has been quiet.

When you get such a big amount of money, you have to put on match winning performances consistently, but, that is not happening with Yuvraj.

And, it’s not about this season only. Even in the last season, he was bought at similar sort of price by the Royal Challengers Bangalore, but, he hardly performed for them. A couple of matches here and there and that’s all.

When Bangalore released Yuvraj this winter, it was supposed to be the end of his stardom and there were talks that he might struggle even to find a buyer in the following auction, but, let alone finding a buyer, he ended up getting the maximum price again which was mind bogging provided his recent form. (more…)

Yuvraj Singh expected to sell at Good Price in next IPL Season

Yuvraj Singh might not be featuring in international matches on a regular basis these days, but, people still rate him as a player.

In the players’ auction for the next edition of the Indian Premier League, quite a few franchises bid for him and finally, it was Delhi Daredevils who secured his services at more than two and half million Dollars.

Yuvraj was not expected to grab such a lot of attention by the franchises this time around because of him not being a first pick in the Indian team anymore, but, it wasn’t to be.

The franchise owners as well as the coaches, who were out there, were quite keen on getting Yuvraj at their disposal. (more…)

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