Not only did Ravindra Jadeja contribute heavily with the ball for India today in Ranchi, he pulled off some magic with his fielding too.

Jadeja was the chief destroyer of the visitors on Day 2 as he dismissed four of their batsmen to complete his five wicket haul in the innings and then at the end, he got the last batsman run out with his sheer brilliance.

With nine wicket down and Josh Hazlewood, the no. 11, not having much batting credential, Steve Smith was trying to remain at the batting end himself so that he could add more and more runs to his team’s total.

So after playing a delivery on the leg side off Jadeja, he tried to go for a brace and come back on strike, but, KL Rahul who was fielding at short fine leg reached the ball quickly which was played towards square leg and threw it towards the bowler.

But, it wasn’t the best of the throws as Jadeja had to come about a foot and a half in front of the stumps to collect it, but, he collected it cleanly and then didn’t waste the time looking towards the stumps and throwing it.

He threw the ball back from the position he was in and he had such a great idea where he was in respect to the stumps that he ended up hitting the stumps catching the batsman short of the crease.

If Jadeja had instead opted to turn around and then throw the ball towards the stumps, it would have taken him just that fraction of a second more and that would have been enough for the batsman to get home because he wasn’t too far away.

So, it was an act of genius from Jadeja.