Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh sacked for Sri Lanka Tour

The selection committee of the Indian senior Cricket team has made some surprising calls for the second half of the Sri Lanka trip where the team has to play a total of 6 limited-over games.

The most surprising of all the calls is the sack of Yuvraj Singh who had been brought into the set up only about 8 months back or so and had put up some performances too including the one in the Champions Trophy opening game where his half century had helped India start the competition with an absolutely smashing victory.

Given Yuvraj’s age, there was always a doubt how long he had been recalled for and if he was going to be in the plans of the selectors when they lay out the blueprint for the World Cup and considering the timing of his sack now, it seems that his selection towards the end of the last year was only done on a short term basis. (more…)


Australian cricket legend Brad Haddin has advised that India cricket star Virat Kohli take time out from the game. He claimed that skipper was becoming too aggressive, choosing to hail the style of stand-in captain Ajinkya Rahane when Kohli missed the fourth Test due to shoulder injury.

Haddin says the visible presence of Rahane contrasted from Kohli’s fierry demeanour, adding that it was obvious in the series. Kohli’s injury would force him to miss the start of the IPL but there is a planned assessment in the second week of the April to see if he could return. (more…)


Yuvraj Singh impressed the fans at Eden Gardens when Sunrisers Hyderabad played Kolkata Knight Riders.

Singh showed why he is termed one of the cleanest hitters of the ball when both sides met on Saturday.

The Sunrisersall rounder faced 16 balls, scoring 26 runs. The Indian Premier League witnessed great cricket that night though the innings were short. The 35-year old hit two two fours and two over the boundary.He scored two sixes. The first was against UmeshYadav in the 13th over. He sent a straight drive and followed through brilliantly then four off the next ball. The second was against Chris Woakes in the first ball of the 15th over. The delivery was slower and wide off but he managed to hit it over the boundary. His effort sent the crowd jumping for joy but Kolkata Knight won the game by 17 runs. (more…)

Ravindra Jadeja contribute Heavily with Ball and Fielding in Ranchi

Not only did Ravindra Jadeja contribute heavily with the ball for India today in Ranchi, he pulled off some magic with his fielding too.

Jadeja was the chief destroyer of the visitors on Day 2 as he dismissed four of their batsmen to complete his five wicket haul in the innings and then at the end, he got the last batsman run out with his sheer brilliance.

With nine wicket down and Josh Hazlewood, the no. 11, not having much batting credential, Steve Smith was trying to remain at the batting end himself so that he could add more and more runs to his team’s total.

So after playing a delivery on the leg side off Jadeja, he tried to go for a brace and come back on strike, but, KL Rahul who was fielding at short fine leg reached the ball quickly which was played towards square leg and threw it towards the bowler.

But, it wasn’t the best of the throws as Jadeja had to come about a foot and a half in front of the stumps to collect it, but, he collected it cleanly and then didn’t waste the time looking towards the stumps and throwing it. (more…)


Following their recent wedding ceremony blessed by the spiritual leader of the dera at a location chosen by the mother of the groom Yuvraj Singh, the newly wedded couple continued the celebrations as they moved further to the capital for a lavish reception to be held at a posh hotel.

The wedding had seen the couple adorned in lovely apparels with the new bride looking gorgeous in a stylish lehenga in blue and golden, accompanied by soft curls and gold toned earrings.

A sherwani that was so sewn in such a way to match the print of Keech’slehenga ensured that Yuvraj, the new groom looked his dapper best.

The final round of the celebrations which was being hosted by the newlyweds in a posh hotel at the capital saw a lot of glitz as stars and celebrities from both the sports and entertainment world were all on ground to party with the newest couple.

Sourav Ganguly was also at the event, where he took a picture with the lovely couple. And with his presence at the event, Yuvraj’s joy would have been multiplied by manifolds as the pair share a special bond. (more…)

Sourav Ganguly Selected as Team Coach

Sourav Ganguly says he couldn’t have influenced the coach-selection alone as he was not the only person in charge of the task and alongside him were names of much higher repute and they had their say in the matter.

The views of a few important people in the board counted too and thus, for a discarded candidate to say that it was only him who made all the difference in the final decision is foolish.

Ganguly was actually absent from the interview hall when the Skype line of Ravi Shastri was connected to the selection panel which made the former Indian all-rounder imagine that it was deliberate on the part of the Bengal Tiger to move out as he didn’t want to interview him.

However, now, it is understood that Ganguly had sent the message to the board in advance that he would be outside for about one and half hours or so as an important meeting of his own state association was scheduled on that very day and as the chief of the association, he had to be in that meeting. (more…)